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2017 - 2021
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interaction Design
Glasgow School of Art – Glasgow, Scotland

2014 - 2016
1st and 2nd year Bachelor in Visual Arts, Major in Sculpture and Interaction
HEAD - Genève, University of Art and Design – Geneva, Switzerland

2011 - 2014
Professional Baccalaureate in Photography
Société d’Enseignement Professionnel du Rhône (SEPR) – Lyon, France

2007 - 2010
General Education: Music-focused course (CHAM), Regional Conservatory – Lyon, France


From 2017     Studio and Session Violinist, Improviser, Composer
                           Main projects: Beggar In The Heights (experimental rock), Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (free jazz, contemporary),
                        Saor (black metal/Scottish folk)
                           Guest: Cân-Bardd (Switzerland), Monarque (Quebec), Sylvaine (Norway)
                         Touring internationally and playing at major festivals in front of up to 10k people in North America, Europe, Russia, Ukraine

2013 - 2014    Private Violin and Music Theory Teacher – Lyon, France
2013 - 2014    First Violin and Soloist – Orchestra of University Jean-Moulin Lyon 3, Lyon, France
                         Guest First Violin at SinfOrMa, Mainz, Germany
From 2013     Co-founder of Narqelion (Improvisational Experimental Post-Rock/Folk)


2019     The Incipient Light of the Echoes –The Hovel, Glasgow, Scotland (solo show)
2019     Phish and Chips – Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland (group show - Curator and Team Coordinator)
2016     Prismes – Andata Ritorno, Geneva, Switzerland (group show)
2016     Local.Host - Kulturhaus R105, Basel, Switzerland (group show)
2016     Black Sites – LiveInYourHead, Geneva, Switzerland (group show)
2015     Vectorworks Educational Version – Minoterie Rodynam, Orbe, Switzerland (group show)
2012     Neue Sachlichkeit – P’ARTcourt Festival, Bron, France


2017     OSS (Outer Space Signal) – Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
2015     Prélude et Toccata – Geneva University of Music (HEM), Geneva, Switzerland



2017     Improvisational Trained Computer and the Poetic of Scores, Glasgow School of Art


2015     I was a city girl, self-published drawing booklet
2014     Photography for Le Beau Livre Hétéroclite de Lyon et sa Région, eds. Duteil, Lyon, France

Record Covers

2014-2016    Graphic design and programmation for record covers – Dhātūra Records

Radio broadcast 

2018    Let The Moth Unfold: Research in Improvisation – Hill52 radio


2019    Monarque Jusqu’à La Mort, Sepulchral Productions
2019    Beggar In The Heights – Good Health, self-released
2019    Saor – Forgotten Paths, Avantgarde Music
2014    Narqelion – I, Dhātūra Records