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Interaction Design   ︎︎︎  Sound Art   ︎︎︎   Violin   ︎︎︎   Improvisation

Acoustic Ecology   ︎   Human-A.I. interaction   ︎   Astronomy

Born in France in 1995, Lambert Segura is an interactive and sound artist living and working in Glasgow. His work explores machines’ autonomous creative agency, their animism, and bridging both Natural and Artificial Intelligence. It involves the design of custom tools to enhance performers’ intuition through haptic interfaces and the development of autonomous creative artificial systems. Lambert’s academic research focus on acoustics with an emphasis on our perception of space through spatialisation, and our environment through acoustic ecology.

Classically trained and former conservatoire student, Lambert has also grown on being an internationally acclaimed violinist and improviser, working across extreme and avant-garde music. He has been compared to Aly Bain by the Irish Sun and his work is set to be featured on the BBC this year.

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2017 - 2021
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interaction Design
Glasgow School of Art – Glasgow, Scotland

2014 - 2016
1st and 2nd year Bachelor in Visual Arts, Major in Sculpture and Interaction
HEAD - Genève, University of Art and Design – Geneva, Switzerland

2011 - 2014
Professional Baccalaureate in Photography
Société d’Enseignement Professionnel du Rhône (SEPR) – Lyon, France

2007 - 2010
General Education: Music-focused course (CHAM), Regional Conservatory – Lyon, France


From 2017     Studio and Session Violinist, Improviser, Composer
                           Main projects: Beggar In The Heights (experimental rock), Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (free jazz, contemporary),
                        Saor (black metal/Scottish folk)
                           Guest: Cân-Bardd (Switzerland), Darkher (Great Britain), Monarque (Quebec), Sylvaine (Norway)
                         Touring internationally and playing at major festivals in front of up to 10k people in North America, Europe, Russia, Ukraine

2013 - 2014    Private Violin and Music Theory Teacher – Lyon, France
Until 2015      First Violin and Soloist – Orchestra of University Jean-Moulin Lyon 3, Lyon, France
                         1st violin (guest) SinForMa - Mainz, Germany
                         2nd violin Junior Lyon National Orchestra - Lyon, France
From 2013     Narqelion (free improvisational experimental post-rock/folk) - founding, concept, record, artwork, PR


2019     The Incipient Light of the Echoes –The Hovel, Glasgow, Scotland (solo show)
2019     Noise (Phish and Chips) – Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland (group show - Curator and Team Coordinator)
2016     Prismes – Andata Ritorno, Geneva, Switzerland (group show)
2016     Local.Host - Kulturhaus R105, Basel, Switzerland (group show)
2016     Black Sites – LiveInYourHead, Geneva, Switzerland (group show)
2015     Vectorworks Educational Version – Minoterie Rodynam, Orbe, Switzerland (group show)
2012     Neue Sachlichkeit – P’ARTcourt Festival, Bron, France


2017     OSS (Outer Space Signal) – Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
2015     Prélude et Toccata – Geneva University of Music (HEM), Geneva, Switzerland



2020   Darkher – TBA
2019    Monarque Jusqu’à La Mort, Sepulchral Productions
2019    Beggar In The Heights – Good Health, self-released
2019    Saor – Forgotten Paths, Avantgarde Music
2014    Narqelion – I, Dhātūra Records

Radio broadcast

2018    Let The Moth Unfold: Research in Improvisation – Hill52 radio


2017     Improvisational Trained Computer and the Poetic of Scores, Glasgow School of Art


2015     I was a city girl, self-published drawing booklet
2014     Photography for Le Beau Livre Hétéroclite de Lyon et sa Région, eds. Duteil, Lyon, France

Record Covers

2014-2016    Graphic design and programmation for record covers – Dhātūra Records