Beggar In The Heights
DEBUT ALBUM - Good Health
Released 16.06.2019


Beggar in the Heights was formed in February 2018, after a collection of chance meetings. We are a group of Glasgow based musicians exploring the fringes of what we know, treading the line of what we can do, always. Since our formation and successful debut concert in April of 2018, which took place in the Renfield Church in the centre of Glasgow. We have continued to evolve, spending the time developing our playing, arrangements and songwriting. Throughout this, we have played two slots at Belladrum Festival, various gigs around Glasgow, and a headline show in London, where we also recorded our debut album Good Health. We launched Good Health with a sold out show at the Flying Duck mid 2019, and have since gone on to support Japanese experimental acts Vampillia & VMO when they came to Glasgow.
Our music can be dense and difficult, and then move to being minimalist and playful, all within the stroke of a passage. Switching the dynamics between free jazz inspired passages, dense rhythmic interplay between the two drummers, explosive and deafening crescendos, timbrel contrasts between the guitars and playful melodies from the clarinet and violin.


Our debut album; Good Health, was recorded in London in October of 2018 as part of a week-long residency at the Averard Hotel with Slate Projects.

The hotel itself, which was being used to host fringe artists and projects, is a derelict building which was clearly once as grand as the exterior would imply, but years of abandon had worn it down to its barebones.

Everything was sort of half broken and worn down, but a beautiful ornate feature of some kind  always caught the eye, with some gold paint still clinging on despite signs of it flaking.

The album itself was recorded in a somewhat unorthodox way.

Though we did many takes of each section, we only half referred to the demos and notes we had for what the songs were. For the most part, we were free to improvise with extending sections, inflections, and structure. We made the decision for us to not record to a click track, meaning that we were playing to each other's tempo.

We straddled a line between a highly performance based, emotionally raw live recording, and treating what we recorded almost as found sounds. Assembling them into what eventually became our debut album.

Good Health, along with Beggar in the Heights as a whole is this strange collection of conflicts; consequence of the anxieties individuals just stepping into adulthood can experience. It is an iterative process of continually trying out new things until they break, mending them, fixing them up, and bandaging what we can salvage. The album that resulted from this was made up of six somewhat long form songs, all playing with this idea at their core, the music moving from moments of tension to catharsis, and back again.

_because we were all stuck with each other for a stressful week, we got to know each other far better than before, which allowed space for us to both grow more fond, and more fed up with each other, thankfully the former prevailed.

_twice when recording drums, some debris from the roof fell on the kit


Good Health's cover art was created by Glasgow based artist and close friend Jenna Fraser


"Despite having only a handful of performances under their belts, they already have started to show the beginnings of something all their own. Perhaps it’s the jazz undertones that keep attention from wavering, maybe it’s the sharp interplay of violin and dense grooves – either way, they sound like they’re doing something right." - David Bowes of Echoes and Dust


Beggar in the Heights are fluidly consisting on nine members

Jacob Reid - Guitar 
Sam Welch - Engineering / Production
Marco Gianturco - Guitar
Kyle Hood - Guitar
Liam Brown - Bass
Ali Baillie - Clarinet / Piano
Stephen Buggy - Drums
Lewis Ross - Drums / Percussion
Lambert Segura - Violin / Saxophone
(Featuring on Good Health) Stefan Janik -
Piano / Synth / Occasional Melodica


Our target market is people who sleep at irregular times.

For fans of (or, really, artists we like / rip off): Talk Talk, Max Richter, Godspeed You! Black Emperor (surprising huh?), Rival Consoles, Nils Frahm, clipping, Brian Eno, RURA, Swans,, Sun Kil Moon, Slauson Malone, Tim Hecker, that feeling you have when you think you've left the stove on or lost your keys, Alfa Mist, Shostakovich this or this or this or this