Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra
Improviser (violin)

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra is a large improvising ensemble of around 20 musicians from diverse artistic backgrounds ranging from free improvisation, jazz, classical, folk, pop, experimental musics and performance art.  Since its inaugural project in 2002 the Orchestra has established an international reputation and garnered critical acclaim for its innovative projects and its exploration of improvised music.  A host of collaborations with world renowned improvisers and other ensembles have expanded the band’s artistic horizons and given rise to musical connections throughout the world. To date they have released six CDs.

Anne Pajunen - SALT Variation #5 – The Glasgow Laboratory (of grief) GIOfest XII - Anne Pajunen - SALT Variation #5 – The Glasgow Laboratory (of grief) - photo Ceylan Hay
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra perform in venues around the UK and Europe and have now established their own annual festival (GIOfest) in Glasgow which provides a platform for improvising musicians and artists.  Alongside their composing, recording and performing activities they are committed to an ongoing programme of education and outreach activities including workshops, lectures and master classes.

Alvin Curran - Signage with Beams: for GIOGIOfest XII - Alvin Curran - Signage with Beams: for GIO - photo Stuart Brown