Love Potion

A computer’s love song

Fifteen centilitres of rosebud infusion (do not boil during the infusion, the water must be simmering)
One tablespoon of lemon juice
One hundred and fifty grams of brown sugar
Three tablespoons of very flavoured rose water
Two pinches of milled cardamom
A dozen dried rosebuds
In a pot, pour all the ingredients except the rosebuds and stir non-stop for ten to fifteen minutes on a very low to low heat
The preparation will become transparent and thicken a little bit
Put the rosebuds in a glass vial of fifteen to twenty centilitres contenance and pour the love potion into it
Allow to cool down before consuming

An audio transcription of a Love Filter recipe
Programmed with Processing (RiTa phoneme and stress library to Midi)
Recipe (translated from French) by Iloma, Sourires et petits plats (Iloma, smiles and little meals)
Instrument arrangement objectively done using sound similarities (phoneme timbre to timbre of instrument)
Loudness automated in Processing by the stress of syllables (stress to velocity)
Stereo mix following orchestral layout

Following the desire to create more tools to enhance my audio-visual and performative practice, I became interested in the possibilities of Processing’s RiTa library for creative writing, especially by its decomposing phoneme and stresses capability. It appeared to be very musical and promising for a potential tool.

The body of text was found while I was preparing a ‘love potion’ (rose syrup) as a surprise for a romantic day.


Stress and phonemes intricacies deconstructed        You’ll find the detailed process and source code on my learning journal