Founded in the fall of 2013, Narqelion is an improvisational, experimental, post-rock/neofolk band inspired by the Tolkien universe. This project is initiated by two multi-instrumentalists and former students of Lyon’s Conservatory, Louis Duteil and Lambert Segura. By combining acoustic and amplified instruments, Narqelion aims to invite the audience to both an auditory and a spiritual travel experience. The result is a dark obsessive atmosphere across different genres such as ambient, noise, psychedelic rock and atmospheric black metal.

Released November 20th 2014 on Dhātūra Records
Limited to 25 copies, handnumbered and handsigned (sold out)

Lambert Segura : Guitar, Djembe
Louis Duteil : Accordion, Bodhrán

Recorded in one take at Lambert's home studio, Lyon, France
Mixed and Mastered by Lambert Segura
Artwork and logos by Lambert Segura. Pictures taken at Kilpisjärvi (Finland), Lafage sur Sombre (France) and Lyon (France)