OSS (Outer Space Signal)
2017, Interception
2019, First contact

Performance, Processing, custom controller (Arduino, laser cut acrylic, potentiometer, button) 4 minutes 45 secondes (video accelerated by 2360%)
We have intercepted an inter-spatial (video) transmission from an unknown planetary system.
We called this system MC 20,0°S 25,3°E.

This piece of work streams from my interest for self-proclaimed nations (see Micronations) and their foundation, as well as sound and video in astronomy and physics. To link these two ideas, I’ve been inspired by Trevor Paglen’s work on black sites and by how the Swiss Black Metal band Darkspace ( Wiki ) writes their lyrics.

Moreover, it reflects my desire to create more tools to enhance my audio-visual and performative practice.

The Controller

Its metaphorical aim is to stabilise video signals intercepted in space.

From a more “earthly” point of view, the OSS controller is a VJ controller with effects. It controls the opacity of 4 video streams (3 pre-recorded movie streams and a live webcam) allowing the user to apply 9 different effects to the sum of the videos.

For an in-depth design research please visit the project page. For code and controller laser cuting files please visit the project’s Github.