Planetary Orchestra

Custom ambisonic instrument, Max/MSP, USB-MIDI controller, multi-channel sound card, flat response speakers

Conceived as a planetarium, Planetary Orchestra is an attempt to hear planets - rotating around myself - in the nostalgia of my childhood, where I would lie on the grass and snuggle under a blanket. 

Recorded performance, 21’21’’

Max/MSP patch programmation

Top Left: Sun’s position
Top row: rotation speed and distance to the Sun of each planet, graphically displayed with ‘ambimonitor’ objects.

Middle row: Planets’ individual frequencies and sound level (controlled with USB-MIDI controller)
Bottom left: recorded speakers position and recall function
Bottom right: ambisonics encoding with ‘ambiencode’ and decoding for the number of speakers with ‘ambiedecode’.

Left : position of the planets in the space with ‘ambimonitor’
Right : speakers’ position adjustment with ‘ambicontrol’

‘Ambisonics Externals’: objects by ZHDK