‘Caledonian Metal from Scotland inspired
by heritage, nature and traditional poetry’

Studio and Session Violinist, Composer
2017 - 2022

All violin parts are composed and performed by myself on Forgotten Paths, released 15th February 2019 on Avantgarde Music.

Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2020 (SAMAs)


Since 2017 we have been touring internationally and playing at major festivals in front of up to 10k people in North America, Europe, Malta, Russia and Ukraine. Notable festivals include Hellfest (France), Wacken (Germany), Ragnarök (Germany), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic), Metal East (Ukraine), Kilkim Zaibu (Lithuania), Fire In The Mountains (Wyoming, USA).

Saor crew is:

Andy Marshall - Composer/Bass/Vocal
Cécile Lambert-Segura - Violin/Vocal
Reni Hill - Guitar/Guitar tech
Paolo Bruno & Martin Rene - Guitar
Bryan Hamilton - Drums
Alex Barrett - Sound Engineer
Joe MacGregor - Management/Booking

Regular additional member:

Sophie Rogers - Vocals