Mary Lost Her Battle
Release date: 06 November 2022
Duration: 5 minutes

Director - Oisín Power
Producer – Jen Bradfield
Music – Matthew Dwivedi
arrangements, assistant composition, all strings: Cécile Lambert-Segura
Clarinet: Alistair Baillie
Sound Engineer: Sam Welch

A personal remembrance of the late Mary, the filmmaker’s mother, and how she lived with her cancer. This film questions the notion of ‘battling’ an illness, and considers how violent, war-like language can unintentionally hold ill people accountable for their recovery.

Making use of charcoal sketches and oil painting, this film suggests that cancer is a unique journey and specific to every individual. Consequently, when any support is offered, the perspectives of those with cancer should be considered.

By including intimate footage showing the final days of Mary's life, 'Mary Lost her Battle' proposes that we shouldn't let our societal fear of death negatively influence our attitudes to end-of-life care.

New Creatives is supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts

cassandre peut-être
staging: Giulia Rumasuglia
scenography: Antonie Oberson
sound design & engineering: Cécile Lambert-Segura
cast: Henna Holländer (Cassandra), Isaline Prévost-Radeff (13), Lisa Veyrier (14)
shown from 07 - 10 Sept. 2022 at OUT9 - La Manufacture, Lausanne, Switzerland
rehearsals: 08 Aug. - 06 Sept. 2022

Session violin for Sylvaine’s lastest album Nova on the track Everything Must Come To An End. Released 4th March 2022 on Season of Mist.

Guest violin for BE Acoustic @ AMUZ, Antwerpen, Belgium - 28/09/2019
Left to right:

Patrick Urban
Sophie Rogers
Andy Marshall (Saor)
Austin Lunn (Panopticon)
Lambert Segura
Kathrine Shepard (Sylvaine)
Erik Moggridge (Aerial Ruin & Bell Witch)
Marisa Kay Janke (Isenordal)
Jan Van Berlekom (Waldgeflüster)
Don Anderson (Agalloch)