The Incipient Light of the Echoes
The Hovel, Glasgow, Scotland (solo show)
Opening 23rd October 2019

OSS (Outer Space Signal)

Video (looped), custom Max/MSP encoder/decoder/transmitter, Akai LPD8 controller, ripped bed sheet, projection mapping

‘We have intercepted an inter-spatial (video) transmission from an unknown planetary system.’

OSS (Outer Space Signal) is the ongoing process of encoding/decoding/transmitting/displaying this inter-spatial video transmission. Intercepted at first during a performance for which a specific controller-decoder was made, this second pass is an attempt of creating a dialogue between this unknown planetary system and ours.*

Planetary Orchestra

Custom ambisonic instrument, Max/MSP, Akai LPD8 controller, multi-channel sound card, flat response speakers

Conceived as a planetarium, Planetary Orchestra is an attempt to hear planets - rotating around myself - in the nostalgia of my childhood, where I would lie on the grass and snuggle under a blanket. Displayed here in resonance with OSS (Outer Space Signal), this ambisonic artwork offers an immersive experience to hear, explore and dive fully into this unknown planetary system.*

* Visitors were encouraged to dialogue and explore this new/unknown planetary system with the help of the controller at the back of the room (next to the projector).

Max/MSP patch interface Max/MSP patch interface

Left side: position of the planets in the space.
Right side: speakers’ position adjustment (1,2), planets’ individual sound level (controlled with Akai LPD8 controller), projection play/stop and mapping extra parameters.

Max/MSP patch programmation Max/MSP patch programmation

Left - Planetary Orchestra

Top Left: rotation speed and distance to the Sun, graphically displayed with ‘ambimonitor’ objects.

Bottom Left: ‘ambimonitor’, speakers’ position adjustment with ‘ambicontrol’ object, planets’ frequencies and gain (controlled remotely with Akai LPD8 potentiometers), ambisonics encoding with ‘ambiencode’ and decoding for the number of speakers with ‘ambiedecode’.

Center - OSS (Outer Space Signal)

decoding/encoding intercepted video signal

Series of 8 different video effects controlled with Akai LPD8 pads, ‘p patcher’ with projection mapping ‘cornerpin’ features.
Right - Projection mapping extra controls and render

‘Ambisonics Externals’: objects by ZHDK