ciborium telegraphs for hypoxic bodies
fossilised caulky felt
waiting, ecstatic, the bellows
static disintegrating blow

squint your eyes! hovering salt distillate
curled, stiff, crackled
dough basking under sugo skies,
candied polar blanket of wheat,
weary hollow quilt, charring
whomever planted the rake,
cold apathetic ephebe
bulldozing luminous web
trenched over gasified wrinkled stone

I tidy up;

perhaps unprompted proud decrepitude
allows singular viscus’ fluidity to lay
between desire-trauma souvenir bug-boxes,
daydreamed hypothesis of finally joining
each end of the condition’s strand.

ciborium telegraphs for hypoxic bodies, 2022
photo courtesy of the author’s family, circa July 2002
Published in Möbius zine #5, Winter 2022