Let The Moth Unfold

Sound improvisation, amplified violin with effects and improvisational interactive computer (Ableton, Max/MSP, Midi Guitar 2), computer-generated poem (Twitterbot), 15 minutes

While elements exhaust their wrath, Not on the sea,
Let the moth unfold when lightning break the gloom.
The Persian on his throne, Over that high festival,
His dripping limbs he faintly stretch.

Let The Moth Unfold is a recorded improvisation and a poem. The violin player and the computer (sound of piano) are improvising together, adjusting their response to each other in real time. While the computer initially wrote the poem with a twitterbot, the violinist is conducting the performance in an attempt to interpret a cohesive abstraction of the poem. These artefacts are nourished by the will of elaborating a dialogue between the two distinct Artificial and Natural intelligences as creative collaborators.
This artwork has been broadcast on Hill52 radio in a show of the same name, showcasing research in art improvisation. For in-depth and background reading, please consult part 1, which led to a design research paper, and part 2, which led to the radio broadcast. 

Extension of these research were presented as a solo quadraphonic performance in St. Peter’s Seminary (Cardross, Scotland) as part of Destination Unknown: a day in the ruins (21/11/2019).