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open source
to empower others
empowering others in their spontaneity
on a mission to embody St Cécile, patron saint of sound for socially engaged performance

Sound Design

sonic identities - exhibitions, theatre, film, commercial, interactive objects, videogames

sound library - foley, sampling, audio synthesis, field recording

show file creation - Qlab, Ableton, MIDI & OSC interfacing

immersive audio - multichannel and spatialised creation using a variety of hardware controllers (Intellijel Planar, Logitech Joystick) and softwares made by IRCAM, ZHDK, GRIS
ambisonics and surround mixing available on request

Mobile production suite:
  • latest mac environment with thunderbolt interface for zero-latency mixing with high grade AD/DA converters
  • large choice of outboard effects, synthesiser modules and midi controllers
  • variety of DAW & sound programming environments (Logic Pro, Max/MSP, Processing, ...) and professional plugins (izotope RX10, FabFilter, Freakshow Industries, Output, Native Instruments, ...)
  • park of high end microphones. Specific and exotic equipment available upon request. Please get in touch for equipment list with pricing and availability.


studio, remote and on location
︎ bands, voicover, solo and small ensemble tracking
︎ full mix, stem mix, ambisonics and surround mixing

restore, denoise, isolate

performance 'straight to tape'
︎ mono, stereo or multitrack
︎ captured on location with solutions tailored to fit your project (theatre, concert, etc)
︎ automation recall
︎ broadcast mix

FOH & Live Sound 
︎ sound system tuning
︎ monitor mix
︎ backline support
︎ ambisonics & multichannel diffusion
︎ frequently used live desks:
X32, M32, Midas Pro2, A&H SQ/QU series, Soundcraft Vi series, Yamaha: QL, CL & MG series, 01V, 02R, 03D

︎ frequently used Sound Systems:
L’Acoustics, D&B, QSC, EV, ...

Session Violin

studio recording, strings production, demo recording

score transcription and arrangement - perfect pitch, proficiency in music theory and sight reading, specialised in: written and graphic scores, classical and contemporary notations, scripts and new performative notation systems.

concerts - experience with international tours playing in venues up to 10k people
genres: contemporary classical, performative sound art, rock/metal, electronic, free jazz

additional instruments (upon request)
  • viola
  • flute
  • bass
  • cello


rehearsal management, production logistics and venue booking

project support and development - consultation on performative expressivity, facilitation for LGBTQ+ and socially engaged performances

3D scan - mockup - print, wood joinery & custom furnitures, casting, laser etching, electronics, audiovisual programmation and interactive prototyping

Safety & Rigging - Work at heights & MEWP certification IPAF 3A/3B (valid until 2028, LOLER & PUWER)

they trusted me:

Wonder Fools / National Theatre of Scotland
Macrobert Arts Centre
The Byre Theatre
La Manufacture.ch
The Garage Glasgow
Radisson Hotel
The Survivor Arts Community
Les Enfants De Ta Mère
Safe Gigs For Women