TEDx University of Saint Andrews: Honest Answers
The Byre Theatre, 25th March 2023

sound: Cécile Segura
Light: Scott Parker

Fernando Morales de la Cruz is an activist predominantly concerned with child labour within the supply chains of major corporations in the West. His longstanding efforts to call attention to child labor within international supply chains has allowed for greater scrutiny with regards to trade agreements enacted by the EU as well as the hypocrisy of national anti-slavery and child labor legislation.

Dr Cat Hobaiter’s research revolves principally around the evolution of communication and social behavior. Her research on wild African apes and their communication and cognition at the University of St Andrews has not only spurred our understanding of our most genetically related counterparts but also allowed for enquiry into the evolutionary origins of language more generally.

Julia worked for the Open Government Initiative in Moscow and after leaving founded the Social Sciences Lab, a Moscow-based non-profit focused on developing new educational programs. Julia was forced to flee Moscow and is currently a doctoral researcher at the Russia Institute of King’s College London, encouraging higher education in the social sciences as well as venture projects “at the intersection of public policy and investment business”.

Anahita is a 4th year student studying Psychology at the University of St Andrews. Her talk will be discussing how she turned her biggest insecurity into her strength. Through this she wants to discuss the importance of normalising conversations around mental health, acceptance and self-love.

Dr König is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Classics at the University. Her talk is “How honestly do we narrate war and peace?”. It will look at the distorting effects of some of our habits of representing war and peace in different media; it will ask audience members to reflect on the narratives that have shaped how they visualise conflict and its aftermath; and it will discuss how we can use storytelling about war and peace as a positive intervention in world politics, to help us reckon with both more honestly.

Daniyal is a 3rd year student at the University of St Andrews studying Mathematics. His talk is "Blockchain: The Golden Ticket for Developing Nations". He will be discussing the rise and fall of hype surrounding blockchain and will describe the fine balance he believes is required to make blockchain live up to its true potential.

Despite being diagnosed with Stage 2A Hodgkin Lymphoma at 16, Suhit Amin managed to excel in school whilst becoming a successful entrepreneur. Just months after diagnosis, Amin launched Saulderson Media, a premium talent management and influencer marketing agency based in Scotland that manages high profile influencers mainly in the gaming and esports industry.
Magdalena is a psychologist primarily concerned with the integration of neuroscience into productivity models and work-life balance paradigms. She is an advisor to many leading figures in business and psychology and has made a career out of finding harmony in her own life as represented through founding Make Time Count 13 years ago.